Last weekend my boyfriend and I went to a partner yoga workshop taught by Daniel Orlansky at the Ashram in Millis. I’d participated in a similar workshop with Daniel as part of my 200-hr fulfillment during teacher training, and I had a feeling that it would be an informative, welcoming workshop to bring Paul to since he’s still relatively new to the yoga world. He’s also a good sport about trying new things which is REALLY awesome.

Lots of fun. Intense hamstring stretching. Laughs. Chanting. Occasional giggling. Meridian tapping. Thai massage-style smiles.

The only part Paul didn’t like? The heat was kicking on instead of the AC. Oops.

Here are a few pictures Victoria from the Ashram posted on their Facebook page that I thought you might enjoy seeing.

Daniel giving me hand position info

that’s me!

the space we practiced in at the Ashram was gorgeous