This past weekend I took a tour of the factory at Taza Chocolate and enjoyed the Cinco de Mayo celebration (bartenders and live music included). You might remember seeing pictures of Taza in the news awhile back when they were flooded. A tough spot for sure, but it’s clear that the chocolate and local-biz lovin’ community rallied around Taza a great deal.

Fast forward a couple years to present day..

Taza’s alive and flourishing — just ask Whole Foods Market their biggest distributor. I absolutely love the fact that Taza’s chocolate is dairy-free, soy-free and gluten-free (AND DIRECT TRADE + SUSTAINABLE). You know what this means? I can munch my way through a few pieces of this organic chocolate without worrying for even a second about my food sensitivities or the labor practices associated with its creation. It’s heaven.

My boyfriend has been a Taza Chocolate fan pretty much since the beginning so I’ve been lucky enough to find Taza’s chocolate discs of deliciousness in my Valentine’s Day and Easter gifts.

If you’re in the area I highly recommend you stop by Taza and pay $5 to take a tour of the factory. Yes, you have to put on a hair net (so perhaps not a first date activity), but you also get a whole lot of free samples.

Here’s a video Taza put together to get a flavor for what they’re all about and the bean-to-bar process they’re so very proud of. It’s an inspiring look into a successful local business. One last thing – consider signing up for their newsletter. Their events are well put together, creative, and  welcoming.