I had a vicious love-hate relationship with sleep for many years. It felt a little like this:

HORRENDOUS night’s sleep. AMAZING nap. repeat.

This situation reached a breaking point in college, when I would often toss and turn and get two to three hours of sleep a night. I remember calling my mother sobbing, struggling to perform in classes and bailing out of plans with my friends that I hated to miss.

Sleeping pills made me drowsy for days, and I didn’t like the way I could feel the drug hitting my body. I also knew I needed to find a way to calm my racing thoughts (and more importantly my nervous system) and get my body settled into a more dependable sleep routine.

Here are a couple things I changed based on advice from my naturopath that have made a huge difference:

1.) Magnesium. I take 1mL of liquid magnesium every night before I go to bed in a little glass of water. It’s super simple and it makes a big difference. I keep an extra bottle at my boyfriend’s so I’m not skipping nights here and there (especially because my particular body needs a magnesium boost for multiple reasons.)

2.)  Go to bed around the same time every night. This again made a huge difference for me. By creating a much more predictable routine, my body was really able to settle into winding down mode and sleep much faster. This meant that being out at the bars until 2 a.m. wasn’t really an option for me anymore – but slowly I realized I was totally okay (even happy) with that!