1.) I thought this MarieTV video with Marie Forleo and Danielle LaPorte did a great job of explaining the Law of Attraction and manifesting in a way that was both informative and fun to think about.

2.) How are you feeling right now? Because we should talk about frequency. Whatever frequency you’re at right now, low, medium, or high is what you’re able to pull into your life. So if you were to say choose to feel EXCITED.OVER THE MOON. LIT UP. and JOYFUL you would by default start to pull a whole lot more of that into your life. There’s joy dripping, even oozing, out of your current life right now, so have some fun with where you’re at.

Consider the vibration of your foods as well – when I hold a huge batch of kale in my hands I can literally feel the pick-me-up those greens give my body.

3.) Instant gratification is overrated. We are used to speed of light text messages, Wi-Fi, this should’ve been done yesterday type stuff. When you’re working on calling something into your life, you’re planting a seed, and as soon as you start to think “I can’t believe this hasn’t happened yet!” you’re ripping off a bud just before blossom. no bueno!