What tree pose means to me…

Tree pose is about balance. It’s about feeling rooted and connected to the earth. It’s about having unwavering faith and feeling surefooted in your life. As a whole, the pose pulls at opposite poles – father earth and mother sky.

It’s a first chakra pose, a pose that invites us to link our racing minds back to our bodies and bring the mind-body system back together. (How funny that we think we can separate them!)

“To build a strong foundation is to gain solidity. Solidity allows us to be firm and make boundaries. Solidity has a consistency, repetition, accountability. Our bodies are the solid form of our existence; they have definable boundaries. To be solid is to face what is in front of us without flinching, to remain anchored in truth in the face of opposition, and to remain clam and secure.” -Anodea Judith “Eastern Body, Western Mind”