1.) Big Dipper Beeswax Candles

You can buy these right at Whole Foods. I love ’em because they are completely natural and help soak up toxins in the air. I’m usually sensitive to scents – and try to stay away from soy candles – so these are a great alternative and not super expensive. (They have scented varieties as well.) Also, check out this cool local beeswax company on Daily Grommet for some adorable Easter-themed beeswax candles.

2.) Rebirth Brass Band CD (something I picked while I was in New Orleans)

I brought this back as a souvenir for my boyfriend and instantly started humming the beat to the first song, “Exactly Like You.” A Grammy award-winning jazz band promoting the rebirth of New Orleans. enough said. It’s on iTunes as well!

3.) Birkenstocks

I’ve long ignored the fact that my narrow feet don’t actually feel that good after flip-flopping around all summer long. Plus, I’ve been told by more than a few folks that flip flops are not really our friends in terms of germs. Grossss. So I ordered a whole bunch of styles from Zappos (pumped that Birkenstock carries narrows) and decided that this pair fit my foot the best. It’s not necessarily the style I LOVE, but if the shoe fits…