This past Friday I taught my first yoga workshop on back care. The class was an hour-and-a-half long, which felt like forever to me while I was preparing because I’ve only taught for 60 minutes before. It was a stretch. It was an “Are you sure you want to do this?” type of moment.

So what happened? I tried a few different things during this class that I hadn’t before. I created a playlist with different music than what the other teachers at my studio typically play. I handpicked a poem that I fell in absolute love with. I taught ujayi breathing for the first time. It felt so lovely to add in all these other elements to the class, and the challenge of 90 minutes to fill really allowed me to tap into some more tools in my yoga teacher toolbox.

Dare you to say yes when you’re asked to do something you’re scared of this week. After all, it’s really the only way to move forward. Ya hear me?

Here’s the poem I read in class on Friday. I was so thrilled people enjoyed it!

Love is not fragile

Who taught you
to be sparing
with your love

as though your heart was a bank
as though love could dry up


it is as if the ocean complained
it was too

love is not fragile
it is as common as breath

it is play money
it is a race
to give more

go first
say it with impunity

you think you will ache
with vulnerability
but the strangest thing will happen

you will nearly drown
with peace.