While searching for jobs slash hoping to accidentally bump into your life purpose on Craigslist it’s easy to find oneself feeling a little lost. And feeling unsuccessful. hiccup.

To combat this feeling I have two current strategies:

1.) Make big moves.

I signed up for Institute of Integrative Nutrition’s year-long health coach program yesterday because frankly I’m tired of listening to all of my reasons why I can’t make it happen. That and because the Universe was showing me some SERIOUS signs and crazy coincidences that I couldn’t ignore any longer.

2) Take care of business. (the small stuff).

You know the kind of stuff I’m talking about…

Like how I need to make a dermatologist appointment.

Like how I need to change my hotel reservation for my friend’s wedding in September. And book bachelorette flights.

Like how my car hasn’t been washed, in errrr, since forever.

You get the jist. I have to say it feels great to be taking leaps and tackling nagging tasks.

As always, thanks for reading. I so appreciate you!