After getting laid off last week, I’ve had a lot more time to think about 1) my plans for the future and 2) my spiritual practice.

One thing that I’m realizing right off the bat as I try to figure out whether I’d like to focus on teaching yoga and working part-time or return to a typical 40-hr a week job is that I often don’t ask for what I want.

Instead of asking someone if they’ll be my mentor. I think, “But they’re already so busy.” Instead of reaching out to a company because I like their brand, their mission and their energy I think, “But there’s no job postings online.”

Eeek. I’m robbing myself of so many opportunities. So I stepped back and asked myself, “What is it you really want?” Now go ask for it. Worst case scenario is that it doesn’t work out this time around, but it might in two months, or next week or in some way far better than I can imagine now.

Here’s an example: About two years ago there was a company in the city I was DYING to work for. I knew I needed to have their logo somewhere important to manifest a job and let the Universe know I was really interested in pursuing a career there.

So I printed out their logo and placed it in between my bed and my mattress pad.

Two years went by…I never received an offer or even a call back from that company. (Looking back it wouldn’t have fit my lifestyle or been the highest and best place for me at all.) But guess what company my boyfriend, who I met two months ago, works for?

My jaw sort of dropped when he told me, and I got all weird about it because I knew it was a perfect example of Gabrielle Bernstein’s “It’s either this or something better” tagline.

What are you going to ask for today?