About a year ago, I committed to living a more holistic, healthy life. This included spending money on digestive enzymes, nutrition supplements, healthier laundry detergents, organic make-up, and so on and so on. It was not a cheap process and not a decision I made lightly. I didn’t switch over to organic, chemical-free products all at once either (that would’ve caused my checking account to take too big of a hit).  Slowly but surely with each paycheck that came in, I changed my purchasing habits and learned to swallow back those bigger price tags in exchange for a body that was healing before my very eyes. I’ve learned that honoring my body is much more important than honoring a Coach bag or a new pair of Seven jeans. Still though, I get it. It’s tough to get excited about $20 face wash.

Now, I know that for most people who don’t have health issues, this seems like a big undertaking with a not-so-clear reward. My guess is you’ll want to have kids some day. My guess is you want to keep your body healthy enough and chemical-free enough to let your little bud grow in there — and maybe diminish the odds that he or she picks up chronic food allergies, chemical sensitivity and all the other “new age” health issues new moms are facing in 2011 that ours never did.

I’m not suggesting I know about “clear correlations” and can produce “hard data” to explain to you exactly why changing your cosmetic choices can and will impact your health. I’m not that knowledgeable about it yet. I can only speak from my own experience and provide you with some real, real good links like the video above and this resource: Search by product name on this database recommended by Kris Carr.

Happy Thursday!