a ring from S Rall!

Aren’t I the luckiest? One of my best friends has been teaching English in Thailand for the past 11 months, and she sent a package of the most thoughtful gifts, including the above ring made out of mango wood from Ubud,  a fantastic elephant bookmark that I currently have marking my page in Iyengar’s Light on Life, a beautiful purse with hand-stitching on it (plus lots of pink details) and a swanky kroma scarf. Her postcard said it perfectly, “I’ve literally been collecting this package from around the globe.”

Three things that this birthday present made me think about:

1.) I started dancing around in my kitchen saying to my mom: I miss her! I miss her! I miss her! (One of my colleagues said this to me last week: “We’ve heard so many stories about your friend in Thailand Kate. Isn’t she back yet?!) Haha seriously. Come home soon Sralls!

2.) Sarah’s been hopping from here to there so much during her Thai travels, but all of these gifts really made me feel like I was right there with her, in some of her favorite cities. I was kind of surprised how connected I felt to her — even though we’re so far away.

3.) The gift reminded me to think big. I haven’t traveled very extensively, and sometimes I think I’m not so interested in exploring the world (kind of a home body)… but to hear Sarah reference Bali as “the land of yoga, rice paddies and peace” made me re-evaluate what cities I’d like to visit someday.