At the risk of sounding a little into myself, this birthday feels like a pretty big turning point in my life. Let me explain…

September 15th 2010 went like this:

I had just started a new job. Not one person in the office knew it was my birthday. I left dozens of fantastic friends at my old job, and they were calling/emailing/texting me like crazy. I kept wondering “Did I do the right thing leaving” and “Oh man, I miss having some best buds in cubicle world.”

My stomach was starting to hit a breaking point. (I threw up my funfetti birthday cake in the bathroom at my office.) I almost had to pull over while I was driving to work because I felt so horrendous.

I had to cancel my birthday party later that weekend because I had such nasty stomach aches all week long.

The guy I was kind of digging spaced and forgot it was my birthday.

Needless to say, I remember telling my mom that it felt like my most un-birthday ever. I felt really raw and vulnerable and a little overwhelmed.

Now, let’s talk about birthday 2011 style:

The job – I am so SO happy that I took a leap of faith and left my old job. Not only have I been able to come into my own more as a writer I’ve also been exposed to all the excitement that comes with working at a start-up company. My hours are much more reasonable, and I work on projects that I’m genuinely interested in about 95% of the time. Oh, and I have plenty of friends at my new job =)

The stomach – I haven’t thrown up or truly felt sick in months. It is so liberating! I’m still working my way through some kinks, but I’m so pumped about getting even better.

My birthday party – It feels quite fitting that I’m spending all night on my actual bday in yoga teacher training and all weekend long (10-5) on Saturday and Sunday getting my yogi on.

The boy – I had to completely re-evaluate the guys in my life, and let go of a lot of people who weren’t treating me well. At first, I was lonely. Now, it feels kind of awesome. I deserve a good great guy. Hear that Universe?