This book plopped its way into my lap this Labor Day weekend, and I can’t wait to get into it. Uses the fairy tales and myths we grew up hearing to teach us about the wild woman in us all. First up, a lovely quote from the introduction.

P.S. Happy hump day lovelies. Tomorrow marks day 1 of my journey to become a yoga teacher. Namaste chica-dees.

“No matter by which culture a woman is influenced, she understands the words wild and woman, intuitively.”

Where do we find this wild woman?

“I feel her when I see what we call in the woodlands a Jesus-God sunset. I have felt her move in me from seeing the fishermen come up from the lake at dusk with lanterns lit, and also from seeing my newborn baby’s toes all lined up  like a row of sweet corn. We see where we see her, which is everywhere. She comes to use through sound as well; through music which vibrates the sternum, excites the heart; it comes through the drum, the whistle, the call, and the cry. It comes through the written and the spoken word; sometimes a word, a sentence or a poem or a story, is so resonant, so right, it causes us to remember, at least for an instant, by naming her we create a territory of thought and feeling within us. Then she will come, and if valued, she will stay.”