This is the seventh in my series of 30 posts to friends, mentors, and teachers who have inspired me over the past few years. I hope you enjoy.

Yesterday was your birthday, and it was the first time in a very, very long time that I wasn’t on the phone with you — giving you grief that you’re another year older. Turning 26, just a couple weeks before I do. Yesterday was a very bittersweet day for me. I missed you for sure, but I also felt more certain than ever that your day-to-day place in my life is over now. I have wished many times that we might end up in a happily ever after at some point, but it wasn’t in the cards for us this time around.

I hit some really hard lows because I fought so hard to keep you for so long, and while I was down there scraping my knees and crying my eyes out I learned some pretty fantastic lessons. I learned about the Law of Attraction (what you think about, you bring about), and I got real, real focused about making myself happy rather than asking some boy to do all the work. I fell more deeply in love with yoga. I visited psychics, tried reiki for the first time, and on and on.

We danced around each other for ahhh, oh man, 10! years. You are one of the most private people I know, and I decided to keep this letter short  in an effort to respect you. I’m certain you won’t read this, but I hope it might inspire someone else who has weathered a similar romantic storm.

P, you have meant the world to me. Storms, tears and all. And I consider myself lucky to have had moments with you — long hugs and pep talks — where it’s quite clear we’ve always, always aimed to be our “best” selves to the other.