This is the sixth in my series of 30 posts to friends, mentors, and teachers who have inspired me over the past few years. I hope you enjoy.

Dear E,

I’ve struggled to start your letter because there are so very many things I adore about you. First, you dance anywhere and EVERYWHERE. A good song is on the radio while we’re buying shampoo in Walgreens? You’ll break it down. You really could care less what other people think of you, and it’s so darn infectious. You taught me how to let loose and to bumble awkwardly around the floor at Cowboys (a Boston girl attempting to line dance).

If a guy ever dared to give me lip or a girl muttered something catty about how I looked, I knew within seconds you would be standing behind me offering to punch out the guy or at least spill a drink on the girl. You protected me fiercely, and I was pretty vulnerable back then so it felt beyond wonderful.

And after that whole hospital affair, when I was so thin and recovering so slowly, you took me out for a steak dinner at least once a week to make sure I was staying on track and nourishing my body as much as I could. You were such a star in my life — always offering to pick me up at the airport, drive me to the pharmacy or hug me after another silly boy made me cry.
I’ve always been sort of at odds with my passion for writing. Was I really any good? Did I really know what I was talking about?
Helping you with some of your college papers, and watching you absorb my tips and tricks at the speed of light, was beyond rewarding. I still remember that gigantic smile on your face as you said to me, “I totally get it.” (Ahhhh, the power of a good transition word!). And soon enough you were calling me, reporting you were getting all A’s on your papers. Cha-ching. That experience laid the groundwork for me to trust my writing just a little a bit more, and helped me eventually get to the place where I was ready to take a job as a writer.
Fast forward to life after college, and I am bowled over daily by your determination. You fought for med school so hard, and I am going to go absolutely NUTS the day you become a doctor. It’s your calling, and I love how enthusiastic you are about it. I’ve brought a lot of new material into our friendship the past few months, “E, are you learning about meridians at D.O. school?” or “E, what do you think of energy medicine?” And you’ve been so willing to talk to me (and learn) about all the various forms of homeopathic medicine I’ve come to love. E, you are such a rockstar.
You are a one-of-a-kind friend — a confident, brilliant, strong, kickass lady, and you have taught me a lot about standing in my truth and owning my power.
E, lady, I love ya oodles.
P.S. Whenever I glide up into Warrior 1 or Warrior 2 pose during a yoga class, it always makes me think of you. Such a beautiful warrior chick!