This is the first in my series of 30 posts to friends, mentors, and teachers who have inspired me over the past year. I hope you enjoy. 

Dear K,

I remember my first appointment with you last November. I handed you the results of my latest food allergy tests with tears in my eyes, and I hoped that you would say something all the other M.D.s and alternative doctors hadn’t. I hoped you would say you knew how to make me feel better.

I had met you once before, when I was 16 years old and not yet ready to embark on this spiritual journey. Back then, I couldn’t quite wrap my head around all of the tools you implemented — muscle testing, homeopathy, flower essences, energy medicine, reiki, craniosacral work and on and on. It seemed too new age, too expensive, too weird.

But here I was, back in your office at 25, realizing that all you had predicted would happen did indeed come true. You had warned me, and I had resisted. Now, I was ready to follow your lead.

And so we got to work. I started taking digestive enzymes, and probiotics, and multi-vitamins, and magnesium and cut out all sugar and gluten from my diet. I started writing big, fat checks at Whole Foods (instead of Bloomingdales). I threw away any and all products I was using that contained nasty chemicals (like my shampoo, mascara, sunscreen and perfume).

And at least for the time being, you said said no more birth control. No more tampons. No more drinking. No more dating. I didn’t mind it so much though. I was working through so many fears about my food allergies that I was mostly relieved. Whatever stress I could take off my body felt like a welcome relief.

At first I felt absolutely TERRIBLE. I got the flu. I bruised a rib from coughing so much, and I had a 102 fever for at least eight days in the month of February. You coached me through it, making yourself available for extra appointments. And you kept reminding me, that this was good. My body was finally strong enough to fight off the bugs that it had been holding on to.

Then, things leveled out, but I missed my old way of life. The bars. The boys. Living in the big city. I felt so isolated at home. You empowered me every step of the way to “be Kate” and start living life for me. I would resist and then surrender, and you would laugh a little as my mind tried to “rationalize” and “over-think” your energetic practices and lessons.

You taught me as we went through the process, making sure I was reading books to understand exactly how we were healing my body. I bought so many that I had to buy a book shelf, but I learned many valuable lessons from each one you recommended.

Today, I am much more than healthy. I am filled with a sense of joy and profound happiness that I had no idea existed before I started this journey. I still have a little work to go on the health end of things, but I know without a doubt that I’ll get there. I am so jazzed about my future (and so done with worrying!).

To wrap it up, I am so grateful you came into my life. I feel so blessed to have learned from you, and I truly hope that I can use all you have taught me to help inspire others to live their happiest life. Thank you, K.