Life at work has been HECTIC lately, and I have found myself longing for the days when my job description was a little more tangible, my days were a little more calm, and I was working on 5 projects instead of 15. But today I took a minute to go for a walk and started thinking about a teacher/mentor/friend who has inspired me so much over the past few months and all the wonderful “spiritual running buddies” (as Gabby Bernstein would call them) I’ve met this summer.

As this huge wave of emotion flooded over me (because I am so blessed to have such a terrific team of people in my life), I decided that I’d like to use my blog to write thank-you letters each day for 30 days to my friends, mentors, teachers and colleagues who have inspired me to be my best self.

I won’t use names, just a first initial.

Here we go….

Day 1 starts tomorrow.