putting on some tunes in FLA

After having some serious dance sessions to Katy Perry’s “Firework” while at Kripalu, I was reminded of how powerful an inspiring song can be. It takes you out of your ego instantly. It lifts you up.

For the past two years, I’ve become a big believer in having a positivity playlist. I created one after realizing that a couple of the songs on my iPod about breakups, anger and sadness were making me feel, well, lousy.

I hope that these songs make you smile. I hope that they remind you how powerful a piece of music can be.

Life is Wonderful- Jason Mraz

Learning to Fly- Kate Earl

Got My Mind Set on You- George Harrison

The Heart of the Matter- India Arie

Ooh Ahh- Grits

Fearless/Sparks Fly/Long Live- Taylor Swift (couldn’t resist!!)

All Dressed in Love- Jennifer Hudson (from SATC)

Imagine (cover)- Glee

Ever, Ever After- Jordin Pruitt (from Enchanted)

They- Jem

Gone- Johnson

Just the Way You Are- Bruno Mars

Let the Rain/Gonna Get Over You/Uncharted- Sara Bareilles

Got Your Back- T.I.

Just Say Yes- Snow Patrol

And if you like country:

What If It All Goes Right – Perhaps my all time favorite positive song

Happy Girl- Martina McBride

Toes- Zac Brown Band