I’m still absorbing all the wonderful-ness that was Kripalu and how I’m going to incorporate that into my blog. In the meantime, a few other things that I’ve liked along the way…

On having a real, heartfelt conversation with someone, instead of playing the “I’m fine”/”Things are good” game from Tiny Buddha.

“We  rob people of the opportunity to be there for us when we deny what we’re actually feeling. We also send a message that we’re not the type of friends who will be there for them. In order for two people to open up together, someone has to be willing to go first.”

(I’m working on writing a submission for this site so I’ve been reading their posts really carefully.)

On hot stone massages. I write copy for daily deals at my day job, and I’ve been dying to try a hot stone massage. 1.) It’s 100 times easier to write about things you’ve actually experienced. 2.) It sounds prettyyy relaxing. I went this past Friday (right before I hopped in the car to head to Kripalu), and it far, far exceeded my expectations. My 70-minute massage felt like it lasted about 10 minutes. I just wanted to melt into the table. So if you get the chance to try one, I RECOMMEND.

Healing, flower essences? The naturopath/homeopathic doctor I’m working with gives me assigned reading every two weeks based on what my body’s going through and how she feels like I should expand my knowledge. She’s one intuitive lady, so I’m always fascinated to see which book she gravitates to. At the moment, I’m about 20 pages into one discussing the healing power of flower essences, and it’s pretty mind-blowing stuff.

Pan Mass Challenge. Heading out to volunteer at 4:30am this Sunday morning, but there’s always such a wonderful vibe at big events where everyone’s there for such positive reasons.

Photo credit: Myvioletheart.wordpress.com