A plug for peace from ET

The picture above is easily my favorite from my trip to Florida. Why? I like  what it whispers: Peace can be sassy, hip and all-around adorable.

A couple other candies for your body and soul:

On to-die-for browniesFlourless Brownies recipe from Whole Foods. This recipe changed my dessert life; I’ve made it twice in the past four days.

On the importance of keeping things positive: “We are not a little powerful; we are enormously powerful. Every time we say a negative word, we lay the material plans for negative things. There is no escaping this law of the mind. As we think, so it shall be.” -Marianne Williamson

On natural scents: In days past, when I tried to wear regular perfume I worked very hard to pretend that I wasn’t sneezing like a crazy lady every three minutes. But I was. This past week I started putting on an aromatherapy oil every morning. My current scent is Ylang Ylang, and I must admit it’s good stuff.