I titled this post Crazy Sexy Life instead of “Crazy Sexy Cancer” because Kris Carr’s life really has nothing to do with cancer anymore. In fact, she’s so healthy she glows. Plus, Crazy Sexy Life is the name of her current stellar! website. If you’ve never heard of either phrase before, “Crazy Sexy Cancer” is a documentary film that came out in 2003 about Kris Carr’s battle with a rare form of vascular stage 4 cancer — five is the worst ‘o the worst.. At 31 and on VALENTINE’S DAY, Kris (then a successful actress) found herself in the midst of a crisis.

Chemo wasn’t standard treatment. The cancer had spread to too many areas; she was supposed to wait it out and see how it progressed. Kris boldly decided to tackle her cancer head on and make a documentary film about the process. And it’s INSPIRING. It’s sad too, but it’s wildly magical at the same time. Spoiler alert: She falls in love with her camera man. But it’s Kris’s spirit, her willingness to be goofy and honest about how cancer shapes her life that is so beautiful. She’s good, like “Oprah” good.

I highly recommend her Crazy Sexy Life website and newsletter. It’s the perfect place to be if you feel a bad mood hit you or you’re struggling to figure out your next step in life.

And I leave you with a couple quotes from Ms. Carr, that remind me yet again of the power of goal setting:

In fact I still have the journal entry from 2003 that says, “Oprah, save a seat for me, I’m coming.

P.S. Take this one soul nugget from my journey to Oprah: Believe in your message, your magic, your shine. What are the Oprah opportunities in your life? Don’t block them. Being scared is natural. Shutting down your Goddess-given gifts is not. Be bold. Be brilliant. Show the world whatcha got.

Netflix it people!