yep, I'm pro Taylor

Lately, I’ve been trying to notice what really gets me amped up, excited and genuinely passionate about life. Instead of surrounding myself with these things as a defensive maneuver, I’m being more proactive. In other words, I don’t wait until I have a bad day at work to make yoga a priority. As soon as I feel a negative emotion like “poor me” or “things are not working out,” I work to re-program that thought to a more positive place right away before it really zaps me. Here are a few tools that I frequently turn to (and why they inspire me):

“The Secret” (DVD or book!) for helping me see the world as a magical place that I get to create daily.

“Eat.Pray.Love.”- for inspiring me to trust my journey.

TUT “Notes from the Universe”– for reminding me each morning that thoughts become things.

Yoga– for teaching me how to breathe and learning what letting go feels like. And for slowing me down.

Taylor Swift– for having the courage to sing her diary out loud.

Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine” – for helping me understand energy work is accessible and a super-valuable tool.

Teachers. Mentors. Spirit guides. Angels– who come in all forms and are with us all day, every day…if we allow ourselves to believe so.