Remember how tough it was to be different when you were 13. or 16. Sometimes I revel in the amazing-ness that is being 25 and getting to be me  It’s so nice not feeling the need to follow anyone else’s lead. But recently, I’ve been realizing that I need to walk my talk a little bit more when it comes to going after what makes me happy.

I’ve been holding all this space in my life for negativity because I haven’t been owning my different. Let me explain. For a long time, I felt the need to be this twenty-something in the city, galavanting from one bar to the next and working like a dog to get ahead. Then, last September this monumental shift happened in my life. I fought like CRAZY for a new job, made lists, prayed, told the universe exactly what I was looking for — and I was patient, and patient, and finally boom. That job showed up for me.

After I made that change, all of the sudden it become completely clear that I needed to leave my super-tense living situation in the city. And then, I had to come to terms with my health — and the fact that I was getting little hives on the backs of my legs every night after I ate dinner. It was a really, ugly yucky transition on some days, and really inspiring and eye-opening on others.

Let me be clear, I’m still on that journey, but I’ve scaled so many mountains that I can already look back at that version of myself with a tremendous  sense of pride and accomplishment because of the work I set in motion that’s helping to be a dramatically happier person.

I had to shut down, reboot, restart and step back from my choices. Here are a few of things I’ve realized about myself:

1.) My body is my temple. So I’m committing to a life of healthy eating because it makes me feel good, not to lose weight or deprive myself. So yes, there will be less alcohol and M&Ms, but I won’t miss them.

2.) I need to start off everyday with an energy routine. Each morning, I do a series of poses/energy moves to re-align me and get me “centered” when I start my day.

3.) I can’t arrange myself social schedule based on where everyone else would like me to be. I have to make sure I’m making me happy too. This means saying no to Friday night parties so I’m up for Saturday morning yoga and so on.

4.) I’m a a gentle exerciser. I will never be a runner or a spinner, like my mother. I like more soothing types of exercise that calm my mind like yoga, hiking and walking.

5.) I need to ask myself what I really want before running to pick up my phone and asking one of my (TREMENDOUS) friends for advice. Because nobody knows my heart as well as I do.