Someday, I hope to be telling you how I get up bright and early to go to yoga classes, or for a nice long walk. I’m not quite there yet, but that’s one of my goals. It helps to say that out loud, to internet world — one more way to keep myself accountable.

Until then, I’d like to share the blog I’ve been reading every morning while I eat my oatmeal and Craisins: The Daily Love. It helps me start my day off on the right foot, and I feel like the posts are juuuust right. Not too long, not too preachy, not too unrealistic. Technically, The Daily Love was built as an email service; so you can sign up that way too.

Here are a few qouteables from recent topics:

“NO WONDER IT DIDN’T WORK OUT. I was investing in my idea of who I wanted someone to be. Talk about an incorrect spiritual equation. Love Loves people right where they are.”

“Give Love room to step in and help guide you. When you do this, you will be led to the strangest and most beautiful of places. Some people will leave your life; new ones will come. You may be fired, or feel called to quit your job. You may realize you are not in a Loving relationship. Whatever it may be, whatever you feel Love is guiding you to do, jump in.”

” I began to wonder why it’s so much easier to “trust” an unseen satellite to get us to our destination [GPS] than it is to trust the infinite intelligence of the Universe to fulfill our dreams.”

Photo credit: Leland Francisco