I debated whether to post about this because it sort of makes you go “ewww” for a minute, but I mentioned that I tried ear candling to a few of the other copywriters I work with, and all of the sudden, everyone’s ear perked up. Questions were flying.


Sometimes when I’m talking I can feel this almost echo in my ear. It feels stuffy, yucky. At my last physical, my doctor asked me if my ears had been bugging me at all because she saw a little extra (brace yourself) wax. I put it off (flames in my ears!), but then finally succumbed after one of my ears started ringing. Plus, my stomach doctor thought my lymph system could reap the benefit too.


A pro, Sheryl Floris! She has even worked her candling magic on-air for Gene Lavanchy, an anchor on the Fox 25 News.

If you’re looking for specifics, I’d take a look at the’s explanation of how the little candle vacuum works in your ear.