*from The Tanjara

First, my favorite quote from the book I’m currently reading, “Mornings in Jenin,” about a Palestinian girl who loses her land/home/roots/heritage when the state of Israel is formed.

“We’re all born with the greatest treasures we’ll ever have in life. One of those treasures is your mind, another is your heart. And the indispensable tools of those treasures are time and health.”

A few of my other favorites this week…

The Mindful Smack via The Daily Love- “This smack is super simple. If you want to get happy, or happier than you are at this moment, make a list of what scares you the most.”

“If you look back into your happiest milestones [having a baby, getting married, breaking up, getting that job, leaving that job] – just before your profound happiness, you overcame a very deep fear.”

Parks and Recreation. Do you watch it? Because it keeps getting funnier and funnier (it’s the new Office ladies and gents). Check out this hilarious Facebook page for Tom Haverford.  Tom’s super-unique food language + quotes = belly laughs.

Tom speak includes:

FORKS= food rakes

Tortillas= bean blankies