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One of my favorite lessons: Life will guide you to the right teachers. These so-called “teachers” will come in the form of bosses, colleagues, landlords, boyfriends, best friends, siblings and on and on. And if you are willing to pay attention to everyone who comes into your life, whether it be for five minutes or fifty years, you will learn the lessons life has laid out for you. Your gift will be inner peace and honest-to-goodness happiness. So really, it’s worth paying attention.

Here’s the latest moment in my life when I felt the universe gently nudging me to pay attention:

I went to visit relatives in Syracuse this past weekend, and my Aunt asked me if I’d like to see her friend who practices polarity.

Here’s a description of how polarity works:

“During Polarity Therapy bodywork, the client lies fully clothed on a massage table. The practitioner uses a light, medium or firm touch with her hands on specific reflex and acupressure points. The client may feel subtle sensations, which are often experienced as tingling, warmth, expansion or wavelike movements.”

I’d never heard of polarity before this weekend (though it was a little similar to reiki), and it was neat to learn about what’s going on with my body from a different vantage point. Per my polarity (ayurveda-based) homework, I’ll be focusing on drinking warm water whenever possible, calming my vata (DOSHAS!) with massage and essential oils, picking up Deepak Chopra’s Perfect Health and lots more fun stuff.