photo from "Spirit of Rebellion"


I don’t proclaim this proudly, but I’ve come to know that I tend strongly towards worrying. And I don’t like it. When you’re worrying, you can’t live in the moment, can’t appreciate all the good stuff going on right now. After having so many, what I will deem “bizarre” health scenarios over the past few years, my health has become a feeding a ground for what-to-do woes. Unfortunately,  it has, to some extent, spread to any area of my life it prefers to, like a bad habit that knows no bounds.


Here are three thing s I’m doing about it right now.

1.) I go to a weekly meditation class every Sunday afternoon to make sure I have my head in the right place for the upcoming week. Two weeks ago the guided meditation was about planting the seeds of healthier thoughts in our minds (little spring tie in), and this past Sunday we had a guest teacher who taught us all about mudras which was FASCINATING. Mudras are basically yoga poses for your hands based on meridians (meridians are like the road map for your body and determine acupuncture points). And now I really, really would like to buy this book.

2.) I’ve also been using guided meditations at home, short and sweet ones from Gabby Bernstein, that you can download on iTunes and pick a specific topic–like forgiving, releasing, morning and evening. Definitely helps to keep you on track and not let your mind wander.

3.) One of my favorite ways to describe a fear is the acronym False. Evidence. Appearing. Real. Fear isn’t “real.” It lives in your mind. So whenever I catch myself worrying about something that’s sort of silly I say to myself, “I choose not to believe in this.”