Future plans: I definitely want a photo wall in my apartment/house some day. Here's the one my boss has in her's, jealous!

I’m also slowly, but surely adding more apps to my iPhone and snapped a few shots of Grace with Instagram this weekend. Check out their Tumblr page. It’s similar to Hipstamatic, and you can choose from a ton of great lens’.

Gracie Bell (nickname courtesy of the FNL fans in my house)

My other internet pieces of interest:

Great advice from Julianna Baggott on  “Chick Lit is not Dead

Quit. The Art of Quitting is a beautiful and crucial thing to master. Saying no to one stupid thing that you actually kind of hate is saying yes to the possibility of something you love. (I include bad relationships, bad jobs, goals that were forced on you instead of coming up from within.) Sometimes you shouldn’t stick it out. You should give up. You should say die – so some other part of you can come alive.

Another good little nugget from Deepak Chopra’s blog, “Be Who You Are” on why you shouldn’t be who “everyone” else wants you to be…

“Start now and say yes to your visions, to the purpose you were born for, whatever that is, however humble or foolish. You were given gifts for a reason. Honor them by using them and when someone else says you are a fool, just smile.”