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Eeeks. I slacked with my post-ing goal last week, but don’t worry, I’m prepared to more than make up for it this week. Tah Dah. Here we go…movie quotes.

My post title up there, that was my favorite quote from The Fighter, and here’s why: I have, on more occasions than I would like to admit, let everyone “outside the rink,” if you will, manage and micro-manage my decisions in the rink (the rink being L.I.F.E.). Whether it’s parents, professors, or heck, a casual acquaintance or two, I let myself be a sponge. I would absorb their advice and simply assume Well, they must be right.

And they were right, had it been their fight–but it was, and is, mine. Don’t get me wrong, I was getting a lot of tremendous advice. Advice that was wise and caring and tough when I needed it to be, but by listening to those words and not the ones in my own heart I wasn’t making the best decisions for me.

My takeaway: Fight your own fight. It’s the surest way to safeguard against regrets, and it forces you to hold yourself accountable. Oh yeah, and if you haven’t already, make sure you see the movie.