Cake pops on display!

That’s right. I tried my hand at making cake pops this past weekend. I had a little extra time to play around in the kitchen, and I decided to give the cake pops a go. Brett was in town from down South, and she was my right-hand wo-man. I couldn’t have done it without her. I served up the pops at our Friday evening wine club gathering in Brookline, and they were a hit.

First, I consulted the Apartment Therapy article. That’ll give you specifics for making the dough. In summary, bake a cake, then add in some confectioners sugar, butter, milk etc (to make the batter more malleable). Roll up the moist (but already “baked” dough), stick in some lollipop sticks and then plop the pops in the freezer.

our pan right before it went into the freezer

Then, we got a little stuck. Once we were ready to dip our pops into the melted chocolate, how could we make sure they dried without getting, well, kinda deformed? And then I saw a diagram from a page in the Bakerella book.

Bakerella's book

The solution for holding those pops up: styrofoam!

Looking back, I would’ve made our pops a little smaller because the dough was pretty heavy, and every once in awhile a few pops would simply slide down the lollipop stick– too heavy to behave. And the smaller the sprinkles, the easier it is to stick them on without the dough starting to slide around too much on the stick.

A very fun “party trick” sweet treat.