*photo from Bakerella

Ahhh, wine club, sounds pretty good already right? A few of my girlfriends from BC came up with the idea for wine club a few months ago, and it has been a huge success. Here’s how we do it: We meet once a month, rotate who hosts (and has cooking/wine selecting duty) and that’s it. It’s so simple and so fun. The reason I’ve enjoyed this group so much is that I’ve been able to make some new friends in a really natural, easy way. Now that I’m two plus years out of college and many of my friends have left Boston, I’ve been bummed that my pool of gal pals has been dwindling instead of multiplying, not so anymore.

It’s my turn to host this upcoming weekend, and I’ve had a really fun time researching different recipes and trying to plan my menu– great motivation to expand your skills in the kitchen. My secret weapon in the menu is dessert: aka cake pops. Apparently, I’m a little behind on this craze, but check out Bakerella for pics and inspiration if you’re new to the idea like me. Has anyone tried making them? I’m nervous about doing these for the first time with party hosting pressure, but they seem pretty straightforward. I thought this Apartment Therapy how-to article was pretty helpful.

Wish me luck!