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I noticed a few Sea Bags lounging in the windows of shops on Beacon Hill last year and managed to resist temptation, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to ignore the sparkly one in Mint Julep’s windows this go around. I was digging through their site (and wondering exactly how much this bag may hurt my credit card–anywhere from $100 up) and, of course, the breast cancer one caught my eye. But is sadly sold out =(. Thanks to a little twitter help, they did let me know you can custom order one if you’re pink ribbon crazy like me.

P.S. This Madonna interview in Elle touches on the queen of pop’s thoughts on reading: “‘Other people’s words keep me alive,’ she says. ‘I don’t get how people get through life without reading. I can’t really take that in.'” Miss Madonna also mentions her taste men, and yoga gets a few shout-outs in there.