No, I’m not the first person to say it, but I feel passionate about it…so here goes. Searching for apartments (summer sublets in my case) really feels a lot like dating and let tell me you–I’m not exactly a fan. And I’m single, so I’ve got double the dating to do. Gulp. I mean double gulp.

Why do I draw this parallel? Well think of it like this: First, you search and you read a whole lot of Craigslist apartment listings. Do you prefer the creative ones? The ones that seem a little shy? The ones that get right down to business? And then when you find one that strikes you and you think, “Okay, I could live here. This one feels about right,” you have to set about trying to convince strangers (via an informed but not too long email) that you’re the one for them…that you’re clean (but not OCD), fun (but not too noisy) and an overall cool person.

And that’s all assuming you know exactly what area of the city you want to live in, because if you’re not sure, you’ve got send out responses to guys (I mean craigslist ads) all over this silly little town. And then you feel a little loose, like you’re leading people on that you shouldn’t be, giving your number (I mean email) out to one too many guys.

So you get it all out there, but then the waiting begins. Will they write back? Why aren’t they writing back? Maybe I should send another email to make sure they got the first one?

And now you are either convinced that I worry far, far too much (Virgo quality, can’t help it). I mean I’m working on it.  Or you will agree that Craigslist is like dating. I really hope it’s the second option.