Grace (aka munchkin) waking me up

The secret of the world is this: the world is entirely circular and you will go round and round endlessly, never finding what you want, unless you have found what you really want inside yourself. When you follow a star you know you will never reach that star; rather it will guide you to where you want to go. It’s a reference point, not an end in itself, even though you seem to be following it. So it is with the world. It will only ever lead you back to yourself. The end of all your exploring will be to cease from exploration and know the place for the first time.” {Jeanette Winterson}

In other news:

The BEST headbands ever: Violet Love. The kind that never give you a headache and always feel really just yummy on your head. And they come in fantastically fun designs, and their slogan {love me. wear me. don’t dare share me.} is adorable. I only own one, but I always get a bigillion compliments on it.

Die-hard Beantowners have you seen this Boston movie montage from Funny or Die yet? Oh it makes me love “Good Will Hunting” all over again…and get real, real excited to see “The Fighter.” I’m not shy about hating the cruel cold weather, but I do love this city.

Having an off day? Check out this article from Your Bella Life about loving yourself first. I always love Gabby Bernstein’s advice–my favorite piece from this article, “Lastly, simply just hang with yourself. Once a day, spend ten minutes quiet and alone. Turn off your phone, stop tweeting and start chilling. Listen to your thoughts and check in with your body. Simply be aware of what your inner guide (~ing) is saying to you.”