photo courtesy of "Healing Ways"

This past week I rediscovered my favorite horoscope website: AstrologyZone. It basically knows my life (magic!). Just look at these dead on remarks about Virgos:

“When a product breaks down, Virgo has the receipt to prove the warranty is still in effect — good work, Virgo!” True.

“Virgo rules the lower digestive track.”/ “Virgo is one who must be careful with his or her diet.” Stomach aches? Uh-huh.

I’ve always known that I’m a Virgo through and through (tendency to worry, ability to organize without any effort), but now I’d like to introduce you to doshas–thank you Ayurvedic medicine. I first heard the term in a yoga class, but it’s another way of helping understand how you’re wired and what your body craves to feel balanced. Take the quiz: I’m primarily a vata.

Once you figure out your sign, check out this article about the types of exercise that are best for your dosha. My best bets: walking, yoga, hiking and cross country skiing. You can also get advice about what foods help balance your dosha, the sleeping patterns your body favors, best meal times for you etc. It’s all so cool, and I’ve found all the recommendations to be really helpful and spot on. I’m about to start slowly eating dairy again (FANTASTIC!), and I’ll be taking some dosha advice and drinking warm milk first. Wish me luck (I’m starting with goat’s milk and keeping an open mind).