thanks to Shutterbug for this precious shot

Today I let myself be lazy and it felt really, really good. I went for a walk outside (40 degrees!!), started a new book, made a new vegetable dish (brussel sprouts, bacon, cashews- DELISH) and I learned some tricks for getting the chemicals out of your laundry (vinegar).

I stumbled across this quote in some of the (I’ll call it assigned) reading I’ve been doing on my get healthy journey. Worth pondering:

“It is estimated that 90 percent of all physical problems have psychological roots. That may sound like a gross exaggeration. In fact, it’s probably a conservative estimate. A growing body of evidence indicates that virtually every ill that befall the body–from acne to arthritis, headaches to heart disease, cold sores to cancer–is influenced for better or worse by your emotions.”

And to make sure you really do click on that brussel sprouts link, here’s a little picture: