I’m a lucky lady to have a friend like Brett Smuckler in my life. She has been such a inspiration since I met her during my freshman year at college (man, that seems like yesterday). True, her adorable Tennessee roots are what initially caught my attention, but she is a whole lot of fantastic in addition to being super southern sweet. Probably more so than anyone I’ve met, Brett is 110% committed to walking her own path. She goes after what she wants, not what everyone else thinks she should. I’ve always been so impressed with how well Brett knows herself.

It has been such a pleasure to have her in my life, and I am definitely a different person for it. Brett’s willingness to “go for it” is the second quality I love about her. She’ll walk up to anyone (a teacher, celebrity, budding musician, model) and strike up a conversation. She just goes for it; she swings big. Her latest project is a book! Let me say that again; she wrote a book!

Like the kind of book you can find on Amazon.com, and she travels around the U.S. doing interviews for.

I’m so proud of you darling. You are the ultimate reminder to dream big and follow your heart. I can’t wait to watch you make it big.

And here’s one of us being goofy, because I actually can’t even find a serious one.