I hope the blog gods don’t hold my lack of posting against me. We haven’t had internet!! Verizon comes tomorrow (hopefully even though it’s supposed to snow).

After recently finishing the book “Love, Medicine and Miracles” I’ve found myself watching for how the word hope crops up in my life. I had a really rough weekend health wise. My body felt like it was running backwards. I couldn’t sleep. I wasn’t hungry. I could feel my wheels spinning, frustrated that I was so “off.”

One sick day and one doctors appointment later, I walked back into my house feeling totally revived, happy and you guessed it, full of hope. Then, I came smack dab into my father’s “doubting dad” energy. I had been so impressed with my alternative doctor’s findings that I had to share it with him. Surely her ability to pinpoint (and then start correcting) such specific health issues from my past would convince him. NOPE. He responded with a big fat, “Katie, I just don’t want you to get your hopes up. Also, I think you have this seasonal anxiety thing.” I don’t know what Bostonian with an hour plus commute doesn’t have SADD at this point (just saying).

My thunder sufficiently stolen, my dad starting grilling me about how I must’ve mentioned this diagnosis to her before (I hadn’t), and how I have said the same things about other alternative doctors (never to this extent).

The moral of my story today: Because I believe so wholeheartedly and have been so impressed with the work I’m doing with this doctor, I have hope. It’s frustrating when others don’t, but my hope is unwavering.

There is always a path to take with hope, even if others believe the odds are against you. In that spirit, Miss India Arie’s song “There’s Hope