Happy Holidays from the Lamie’s.

I have been really wrapped up in my resolutions this year. In fact, when January 1st hit I was pretty darn excited to start tackling some new projects.

#1- Be more me. I tend to do what I’m told, go when asked, and generally please, please, and please. But I’ve come to realize that I need to start following my own path more often.

#2- Keep a budget. In December, I flew through A LOT of money. I knew that I was spending pretty aggressively, but I really didn’t think I was going to take that big of a chuck out of my bank account. I’m going to start writing down EVERY SINGLE CHARGE. So far, I’m at about 80%. I’m feeling like I should get a pass if it’s less than $10.

#3- Spend my money of quality of life purchases (and not clothes)- Health, massages, skiing, yoga are all fair game. But an afternoon at the mall isn’t.

#4- Start learning more about blogging. Perhaps take a little class?

And really, really I have a lot more in my head, but you get the jist.