Lately, I’ve been in what I’m calling a “health haze.” It has been enlightening, exhausting and everything in between. I’ve been forced to have a lot of unpleasant conversations, and I’ve found myself falling into tears in the middle of Rte. 128. I know that sounds very dramatic, but if you know at all what it is like to battle a health issue that’s been bothering and bewildering you for years, hopefully you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

But a piece of advice I received from a friend struck a chord with me, and I’ve been thinking it ever since. And here was her question: “Have you tried visualization?” I replied no, and then sort of caught myself, why haven’t I? I believe (thanks to the Secret) that thoughts become things. Visualization is a huge part of the world we create. Nearly all world-class athletes visualize races, and you would be astounded to learn the number of successful people in your life who use this tool to build their happiest here and now.

After I few days, I forgot about it, and then I sort of chuckled to myself as I flipped open my Yoga Journal magazine and started reading the story of a woman who underwent open heart surgery and used visualization to help her through the process. I LOVE it when the universe sends me signals like that. It’s so wild, and I can’t help but look up and think “ok, i get it.”