The video that inspired this post. This is truly, truly heart-warming.

I really, really like being alone, but now that I’ve been boyfriend-less for more than a little while I can definitely tell my that relationship with ‘alone’ has changed. Add to the fact that my four best friends moved away from Boston this fall, and I think I can safely say I’ve spent a lot of time doing the by myself thing lately…I wasn’t always happy about it.

I am, however, very blessed to have some college friends who have been incredible examples in terms of embracing the power of their own space. I can feel their healthier ways of thinking seeping into me every time I talk to them, and there’s nothing like it. It often goes a lot like this, “Well, don’t you ever just go out to dinner by yourself just for a little peace and quiet?”, or “Why do you care if it looks like you’re alone, so what?” And so I’m grounded yet again, realizing how easy it is to succumb to insecurity and how quickly it blindsides me. I think half the battle of the alone mentality is to surround yourself with people who can pick you up and pull you out of it. People who can be an example and remind you there’s nothing ‘wrong’ about doing things on your own.

You can actually end up learning quite a lot about yourself…