Thanks to my first job, I learned a LOT about how to speak up for myself in an office, how money should factor into your job and what parts of my work really make me the happiest. Through all the meetings, discussions and chats with friends and family members, I was left with one piece of advice that I find my friends in their 20s are all struggling to come to terms with.

The money matters, but also, it doesn’t.” My Dad has always been a big believer that your career is invaluable. Being on the right track, pursuing your passion and fighting to build a job that lets you grow and learn is really the most important thing you can be doing right now. Sure, it would be fantastic if all those things equated to a fat paycheck, but for me it doesn’t. And I’m okay with that.

Of course, you need to be making enough money to be comfortable and pay the bills, but I’ve come to agree with my Dad. If you were making wild amounts of money but came home miserable everyday that wouldn’t really be worth it.

I think the idea is to design a career now that you can build and mold into a something that’s lucrative down the line, at least for me. Or as my little plate from S. Rall says, “Follow your bliss.”