I remember the days well when I was a babysitting ninja. I made some serious money throughout middle school, high school, college and beyond. But the best part of those babysitting gigs was definitely spending time with kids. Now, since I spend most of my days in a cubicle, I don’t meet many toothless smiles or requests to read a story.  I miss hearing the youngest in my fav family yell “Mom! It’s Katie Ma-layyyyy.” (My last name is pronounced la-may)

Getting a chance to catch up on all the hottest kids movies was also another tremendous benefit. I loved having an excuse to watch “Nemo” or “Cars” on a saturday night. Anyways, this weekend I rented “Toy Story 3” since I haven’t been babysitting as much lately. I loved it, of course. The ending- tremendous. My thought: renting a kids flick is a fantastic way to stay young at heart.

And word on the street is that my dad looks like Buzz Lightyear, so he was pretty interested in watching too. Here’s a picture so you can form your own opinion. (He gave the commencement speech for the business school at his alma mater UNH last Spring.)