You’ve been waiting on baited breath right? You’ve been so curious, you had a hard time sleeping last night? No? Okay, but still, maybe you wondered just a little bit? So upon lots of encouragement from my mom (who will continue to look high and low for anything to help me feel better) I went to a hypnotist tonight. Whoa baby. That’s right.

Now before you close the page and call me crazy, riddle me this. If I’ve tried reflexology, psychics, energy healing, muscle testing, yoga, acupuncture and all that Western medicine has to offer, why on earth should I stop there? I’m working hard to feel my best, and I’m going to keep fighting until I get there. I mean I want to be able to enjoy another ice cream cone and piece of pizza in this lifetime! Plus, a dinner date too.

You may be thinking…what’s the point? Well, hypnotism is kind of like going into a deep meditation. It allows you to tap into your subconscious. Before you get too quizzical, I haven’t actually had an appointment yet, yesterday night was my free consultation. But let me tell you, I’m interested. I’m liking the potential.

So here’s to my next crazy adventure!