This t-day, I went to Syracuse to see some grandparents and cousins. So it’s always a good idea to start off your holiday with six-hours in the car. I kid. My dog has anxiety attacks as soon as we pull out of the driveway, and my brother can’t sit still for more than five minutes. There, I think I’ve painted an accurate picture.

It’s funny though, as I get older how much more valuable the lazy holiday hours feel. Days of complaining about boredom are OVER. I’ll take any day off from work, thank you.

But I really love Thanksgiving because it’s all about gratitude. And the time I’ve spent reading up on happiness and “The Secret” has definitely reinforced the fact that those who are grateful live happier lives. It’s all about focusing on what you already have. So I’m thankful for Thanksgiving, for that little reminder to focus on all the good stuff you have right now.

After we gobbled up on plates full of pies and stuffing, we headed out for a little time at the lanes. Here are a few pictures I took while bowling with the family thanks to the amazing iPhone hipstamatic app. (Srall definitely gets all the credit on that one).

Check out the form!

The younger lady take a shot

Also, be sure to hop on iTunes and grab the free holiday single this week  from Jessica Simpson, “My Only Wish this Year.” Love that free music. Enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend friends!