Ah, this one was quick read. Not as sad as “Marley & Me” but more inspirational. You’ve probably seen Oogy’s face around Barnes and Noble or People magazine by now, the book has received praise from nearly everyone including Oprah. Oogy’s story without giving too much away: he was found during a raid and used as bait for dogfighting. Obviously, Oogy was a lover not a fighter.

Adopted by the Levin family, Oogy thrived incredibly against numerous odds and was a particularly caring, loving pet. He never showed any of the aggression that he must have witnessed during his time pre-Levin’s. It’s a quick read, and if you’re a dog lover I highly recommend it. I cried (but I always cry) when it came for Levin to wind up to the crux of his tale and all that Oogy had taught him.

“They will see in front of them living proof that the most agonizing and horrific events can be overcome without any lasting damage to the spirit, without harm to the ability to give and receive love. I believe that Oogy will be able to help those in need understand that scarring, disfigurement, and trauma, whether physical or emotional, do not have to define who they are.”

And if you have another minute. I recommend checking out this song heard on the finale of “The Big C’ last week. A lovely lullaby.