Yeah, yeah you’ve probably heard me say it before, but I totally think the events in your life pan out a certain way for a reason. Call it fate. Call it serendipity. I believe certain people enter your life to teach you lessons- every conversation you have, mistake you make, phone call, and goodbye happens for a reason.

That said this fall has been a little tough in terms of goodbyes for me. My bestest guy friend who totally knows me inside and out (and is the only reason i made it out alive when i transferred into BC) left for med school in Philly. My two best friends who I ate lunch with EVERY DAY, plus an afternoon walk of course moved to Thailand/Chicago. One of my closest friends from BC left for London. My friend from Rollins just left for Korea. So as my plane took off from Myrtle Beach to bring me back home- after visiting yet another friend who doesn’t live here anymore- I started to think, so universe, “I guess this is a lesson.”

It’s been really sad feeling like all these people are so far away. But the cards wouldn’t have lined up this way if there wasn’t a lesson for me to learn. And I know that it isn’t simply a coincidence to have all these people leaving at the same time. It’s just where I’m supposed to be right now.

Walk? Starbucks? Want to book a conference room? Vending machine?

My two saviors above from my last job- at the company outing.

And plus, there’s always visits.