“Arthur’s Soul Adventure” is based on a dream Brian Chambers had while he was vacationing in Maine. In the dream, Arthur, Brian’s deceased father appeared to him and told him that during his life he had a life after death experience. Rather than sharing that story with the world Arthur, had waited to pass the story on to his son Brian in a dream. This book is Brian’s attempt to accurately convey that message.

And what was that message? To sum it all up:

“There is nothing to worry about. I spent my entire life worrying about everything. And there is absolutely nothing to worry about.”

Much, much easier said than done. And yet, when you look back at the moments over the past year that have really knocked you to the floor with worry. Isn’t it true that a little faith could’ve saved you from some restless nights and draining stress?

I’m a worrier. And I often find it terribly frustrating when situations leave me frazzled that many other people simply shrug off. Forget. Ignore. I work at my worries daily as much as I can to try and combat the ones that aren’t worth my time. But really, none of those worries are worth it.

I know what it’s like to spend eight straight days in a hospital bed, to have lost the ability to walk the full length down the hallway. I know what it’s like to have a mom who has fought and survived cancer. I remember months when my parents were camped by my brothers hospital bed. And yet for all those mountains, we’re all here. We’re all healthy. There really wasn’t anything worth worrying about. Even when things were that dire, perhaps more so, you find a way to buoy yourself up.

And it’s just as important to  do that daily, to combat the little stuff that’s trying to drag you down.

Here are a few other quotes I enjoyed:

“We must walk into our fear and stand with it. We must breathe the fear into our lungs and feel it pound in our hearts until it passes through our spirits, falling still and quiet.”

“The bravest souls often choose a life that is very difficult because the opportunities to learn and progress further are greater. We are not victims of our own life. That is a common illusion. We choose our own lives for the growth potential they offer our souls.”