I love Emily Giffin’s books (thanks to Miss S. Rall), and I finally, finally got a copy of her latest from the library a couple week ago. Heart of the Matter was different, in that the main character wasn’t in her twenties (already married and with kids). We heard from a narrator who was older and facing entirely different circumstances than the twenty-something single gal.

The book itself takes place in Wellesley which was another fun twist. I recognized many of the landmarks Giffin mentions throughout and caught myself enjoying all of the geographical references.

Heart of Matter discussed very openly just how tough marriages can be, especially for young Moms. Giffin portrays Wellesley Moms as the keepers of sippee cups, eggo waffles– some of whom long for something more.

Fidelity also comes into question in Giffin’s latest book, and I really enjoyed the take away Giffin presented. Cheating isn’t black and white. Sometimes it is unforgivable. Sometimes it isn’t. That decision can be quite circumstantial for many people (and not for others which is also totally understandable). Some think it takes two make a marriage disintegrate. Others totally disagree.

I loved the honesty in Giffin’s at least taking a stance.